As a user, I can follow a lot of cool people, but I can't access content that is exclusively published over Twitter.

Until recently I still opened to check for updates by profiles such as MIT Technology Review, The Gradient, The Economist, Quanta Magazine or Phys, since none of those accounts cross-posts to the Fediverse.

That's no longer the case. I decided that instead of complaining about the mountain not moving to me, I should probably take the initiative and drag it myself.

So I have created a based on (and a sprinkle of ) that subscribes to a curated list that contains my feeds and with my favourite Twitter accounts (using nitter to bridge Twitter timelines to RSS), and forwards updates to my instance:

If you're into science and tech content, feel free to follow it!

And I've written a blog article that explains how to build a bot like this, together with some random thoughts on the Fediverse.

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@blacklight This is a great article, thank you. I have created a bot with similar functionalities using feed2toot (following but I can't wait to test your solution.

@blacklight that's awesome. What's platypus's? Is it like a cron job script runner?

@biscuitsofdeath it's a general-purpose platform for automation with a few hundreds available integrations it can run cronjobs but it's not limited to that :)

@blacklight that's awesome. Do they host or are you hosting it yourself?

@biscuitsofdeath it's open-source and purposely lightweight, so it can run on anything starting from a Raspberry Pi Zero. I may also consider hosting an example instance in the future though.

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