’s parent company RELX bills itself as “a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers”. And Elsevier now brands itself as an "information analytics business" - not as the prestigious publisher of scientific content that they once were.

So not only Elsevier hasn't really brought any innovation to the field since the time when Einstein was in diapers.

Not only their spokesmen come out with sentences like "if you think that information should be open to everyone, go to Wikipedia" that show the real face of these self-entitled jerks who make money publishing somebody else's work.

Living out of the luxury rent that researchers and academia pay to them as the gatekeepers of the industry (almost never reinvested in innovation) isn't enough.

So they feel entitled to make some extra money on the side by collecting and selling to 3rd-parties all the personal information about their readers and publishers, just like any other mediocre ads company would do. And they even call themselves an analytics business nowadays, just to make their mission clear to everyone.

If you are a researcher, boycott Elsevier. Nowadays you can get a lot of visibility also without them. There's plenty of open platforms for researchers to submit their work. And if you are in charge of journal subscriptions in academia, cancel your subscriptions to Elsevier journals. There are many cheaper/free alternatives that provide plenty of value for students and researchers without keeping parasites with no added value alive.

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