is basically selling code that other people wrote, without providing them with any compensation nor credits, and disregarding any possible license incompatibilities.

And will probably get away with it because the whole thing is "AI-curated", so no human purposefully violated any intellectual property.

What leaves me speechless is that Github is making so much profit out of other people's open-source code, and they also claim that in a couple of years "there will be no more code sitting on local machines", but they are very, very wary from releasing THEIR own source code (like Gitlab and Gitea did) so people can run their own instances.

I'm still on Github because that's where all the devs and projects are. But all of my projects are now on a self-hosted Gitlab instance, mirrored to Github (and I'm even considering dropping that mirror). If you don't want Github to get rich from your code while giving you nothing in return, you should probably do the same.

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