The migration of from to is almost complete.

CI/CD pipelines aren't operative yet, but everything else should be working. And we've also got a "sign in with " button that uses my instance - how cool is that?

Gitlab used to take about 5 GB of RAM and a lot of CPU to run just the basics. Gitea takes barely 100 MB of RAM and it's so light on the CPU that it could even run on a Raspberry Pi. Thanks to this migration alone I've managed to downgrade my 16 GB VPS to 8 GB and save about $60/month, while having basically the same features (except for integrated CI/CD) and a much faster response time. I should have probably done this earlier.

There's only one heads up: in the process of migrating the users I couldn't (obviously) decrypt the hashed passwords, so users are required to use the "forgotten password" link to reset it, or use one of the available SSO methods. I'll probably send a communication soon to all registered users.

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