When service X is down, everyone rushes to Twitter to write about it.

I spent years wondering where I would address my rants in case Twitter was down.

Today happened, the Fediverse remained healthy and up, and nobody here gave a sh*t about it.

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@blacklight he he, I liked the HN top-level comment on one of the "Twitter down" threads:

"Mental health across the world is already improving."

@humanetech just as I expected, if you go to other social media you find comments like " wtf?", while on HN you find lengthy comments explaining how a butterfly in California may have flickered its wings in a way that created a low pressure pocket that eventually caused a hard drive in Twitter's data centers to fail. Who cares if Twitter is down. But for most sites or social networks you can also get Up / Down state and stats on

@abid sure, but people want somewhere to *rant* when a service is down, not somebody who just tells them that the service is down.

That's why I believe that should get into the business of social media, and it'd probably be one of the most successful ones too. pitty it's disqus comments, as you say if it's connected to fediverse, it would be great

@abid @blacklight

Disqus should be avoided like the plague anyway.. the dark commenting system (that is somehow still super widely integrated everywhere).

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