is so desperate to protect the revenue stream that comes from tracking people around the Internet that they aren't even bothering to cover this shit with some new marketing excuse.

There is a silver lining in resorting to such dirty tricks though.

Encrypting the whole query string parameter so that Firefox/Brave and browser extensions can no longer strip the tracking parameters means that a lot of people were *actually* pissed by Facebook's aggressive tracking.

These people actively installed software that removed the tracking parameters on the Facebook URLs. And that's been enough to hurt Facebook's revenues to the point that they have now been forced to show their most evil side - the one that doesn't really care about what its users want, the one that just cares of how much data about them it can resell.

We are now witnessing a sad company fighting to defend its primary revenue stream, which entirely comes from targeted ads and user profiling. They don't even feel entitled to respond to the demands for different privacy practices that come from their own users. They aren't even pretending to add any value to the world anymore - all that matters is that nobody touches their tracking business, because that would pose a threat to their own existence.

Companies like Facebook have become the degeneration of a surveillance capitalism that has already forgotten all the talks about meritocracy, fair access to the market and listening to the customers that they used to like a lot until a couple of years ago. As they just strive to survive and defend their revenue streams, they have become an arrogant oligarchy that holds the whole industry as hostage.

There's only one way to get rid of them: stop using their products entirely, full stop. And if you are a web admin, make sure that not a single piece of your JavaScript runs on your services. One could go as far as disabling the sharing of Facebook links on their platforms. Remember that one of the few things about a capitalist economy is that the customer eventually picks, either with their wallets or their choices, who should stay in business.

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