The list of web services under my " cloud" bookmarks folder has grown quite a bit since I started my diaspora away from big clouds.

It definitely took some effort, but I feel like the products that I use today are on par (if not better in some cases) with what is provided by most of the commercial or surveillance-based solutions out there. With the difference that everything runs in my closet or on a VPS.

Do you use or recommend any alternatives to the products in this list?

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@blacklight @humanetech I use icecast as a streaming server for audio, and if you want to do video live streaming peertube can do that. I've seen Prometheus a lot in the same space as grafana 🤷🏻‍♀️

@sequethin @humanetech I tried some time ago, but back then the integration with mopidy was quite poor (the GStreamer bridge was just broken) and eventually I dropped it.

I currently use instead - it doesn't have the native HTTP streaming features provided by Icecast, but it's ideal to configure a multi-room setup.

What music backend do you feed to Icecast?

@blacklight @humanetech I really just use it to stream from Mixxx when I DJ online. I've been uploading all my music to a private nextcloud instance and I'm going to see what the audio player on there is like, as a way of DIY streaming music service.

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