"We will exploit it, we will extract it, we will sell it, we will commercialise it".

The Congolese government is surely not shy about how little it cares about . And Congo isn't an isolated case either: developing countries are climbing the ladder by burning their cocktails of dinosaurs and Carboniferous forests. To them, growth today is way more important than a sustainable environment tomorrow. They'd pick today's chicken over tomorrow's egg without thinking twice.

It won't be of much use for us to halt our emissions if an increasingly overpopulated Sub-Saharan Africa (and maybe also India and South-East Asia) keep fueling their growth with fossil fuels.

We have a responsibility towards them, because if we hadn't colonized those countries and exploited them for decades or centuries they wouldn't be as poor as they are today. We *must* ensure that they move to more sustainable energy sources, we have to do it right now, and we have to pay for it.

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