For $100 or more, you can now write your name and a custom message on Ukrainian grenades whose goal is to send the invading Russian scum back to the hell it belongs to.

I've just made my donation and submitted my message. I can't wait to receive a video that shows my grenade turning a Russian soldier into a shapeless lump of bleeding meat.

@blacklight only thing I read today that made me say 'holy shit dude' out loud.

I can get wishing for a swift end to a senseless war, but the personal aggression against a conscript you're hoping to be personally involved in horrifically killing... Damn.

No criticism or disagreement, just shock.

.... What did you ask them to write? Are you allowed to share the video?

@ryancoordinator "a fat pill to send you back to hell" was the message. I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to share the video, for obvious reasons.

I've always considered myself a pacifist, but this war has really changed my perspective. I completely agree with what a friend of mine in Kyiv wrote around the beginning of the conflict: Russians are my friends, but I'll stop considering them as human beings worth of living if they decide to cross my border, steal my land, murder my relatives and rape our women.

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