has been reporting major issues in their London data center: status.linode.com/incidents/b0

Since Keycloak is proxied through a Linode running in that DC, login may be currently broken on git.platypush.tech and social.platypush.tech, and matrix.platypush.tech is currently down because startup fails if the OIDC provider is down.

🤞 and hoping that the staff at @linode@twitter.com fixes the outage ASAP, because my personal VPN is also down in the meantime, and all of my personal cloud is down with it 😞


Btw all the *.platypush.tech domains also live on some Linode servers, but luckily they are in the Frankfurt data center. So while login may be broken, at least the servers are still up.

It's definitely been a wise choice not to put all the eggs in one basket. It'd be probably be even wiser to host all the services on at least two nodes in two different data centers, and have some failover mechanism in case one goes down, but I hope that Linode outages won't be so common to push me to implement such an expensive solution...

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