I'd love to flip my blog over to #Ghost, but this is why I won't...

276kb loaded, 253kb of which is JavaScript!


@kev if you're into Markdown-based blogging you could consider take a look at git.platypush.tech/blacklight/.

It's a platform that I started a while ago (and it currently powers all three of my blogs) for some of the reasons you just outlined: existing blog platform either come loaded with heavy and useless JS, or they have a too spartan design and offer no way of creating new content outside of their UI (this includes WriteFreely, unfortunately). My need was as simple as "I want to write all of my articles in Markdown, just have some simple headers in the file to provide the metadata (article title, author, banner image...), let a piece or software serve that Markdown from that folder, and the output should be a blog that looks good and that already builds a nice index for the articles in the style of Medium, and it should directly generate an RSS feed ". Oh, and with native LaTeX support - but that's just a geek feature I wanted. Zero databases involved, zero JavaScript involved.

If your use-case falls along those lines, then you may give it a try too :) the only thing it doesn't have yet when compared to WriteFreely is Fediverse login/integration - but even in the case of WF the integration is still very basic.

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