This is a first good step: unanimity in European institutions only makes sense if we are all on the same page, we share the same values and we are serious partners.

Holding a long overdue 15% minimum corporate tax hostage just because your country didn't get enough money from the recovery fund, is a form of unrelated retaliation that should not be tolerated in any political families.

It's good to see that the EU is finally working to drop the unanimity constraint, and happy to just leave out alone in the cold member States who veto for irrational and purely strategic reasons.

The next step should be about evaluating the expulsion of Hungary from the union. A self-proclaimed illiberal leader who never loses a chance to make noise and veto important European decisions has no room in our union. It's thanks to European funds that Hungary has grown a lot over the past decade. And we should make it clear that not only the current funds will stop unless Orbán becomes more reasonable, but that his country will be expelled from the union, it won't get any more money (the wealth that Hungary gets only solidifies Orbán's grip over power), and it won't be part of the union nor the single market anymore. Enough with compromising our core values.

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