RCS is far from perfect - starting with the fact that it's been developed by Google. But at least it's an open specification, implemented and supported by many carriers and messaging apps.

Tim Cook's answer to somebody who asked him why iPhone doesn't support RCS and why it insists so much on the its own proprietary iMessage specifications - mentioning that his mother can't properly see videos on Android over RCS that were sent by an iPhone? "Buy your mom an iPhone".

I didn't always like Steve Jobs, but his way of marketing Apple products at least was different. It was about "we build objectively better products, so if you want the best you know what to choose". Cook's way is "we built a well-sealed walled garden that only supports our protocols, and if you want inter-compatibility then everyone in your network is expected to use Apple devices".

This view of the world is so much at odds with the way I envision technology that it makes wanna walk into an Apple store and puke on their overpriced gadgets.

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