You don't need to stick to , or any other cloud just to get new music suggestions and new releases delivered to your doorstep.

Spotify's discover weekly and release radar playlists are definitely a useful feature for those who want to discover new music, but replicating such features isn't rocket science.

In this article I show how to generate your own discover weekly and release radar playlists (as well as keep a local record of your listening history) using , feeds, the APIs, some scripting and a pinch of SQL.

@usul the scripts in the article can be easily tweaked to get new suggestions every month or even every year if required :)

@blacklight my point was about over consumption more than a tweak in the script :p

@usul I don't see an issue with "over-consumption" of music (or any form of art), as long as it's fair towards the artists.

I discover about 10 new artists every week, I always find at least one among them that I eventually really like and decide to support (either by donating to them or buying their music), and the exposure I get in this process allowed me to become myself a better musician. I think that my music would be way less eclectic and interesting if I was only limited to the exposure I get from a few artists on Bandcamp.

The same goes for visual arts: the best artists are usually those who have gotten a lot of exposure to a lot of diverse artwork, assimilate it and replicate it with their own touch.

The problem is not with a vast availability of art to be consumed: the problem is with a few gatekeeping companies that keep artists as hostages on their platforms.

@blacklight dang that's awesome. I will have to mess with #Platypush on my local workstation now, I think. I think I have enough software and hardware to make it worth my wile.

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